New guitar tabs

Children of Bodom — Touch Like an Angel of Death (Live in Tokyo) (gp4)

Angra — Live and Learn (1) (gp4)

Tristania — The Beauty of a Witch (gp4)

Darkane — Parasites of the Unexplained (gp4)

Einherjer — Ballad of the Swords (1) (gp3)

Arcturus — Nightmare Heaven (gp4)

Dickinson, Bruce — All the Young Dudes (gp4)

Gamma Ray — Razorblade Sigh (gp3)

Satriani, Joe — New Blues (2) (gp3)

Hatebreed — Before Dishonor (2) (gp3)

Frozen Flame — Release My Pain (and Take It Away) (gp3)

Iced Earth — Melancholy (Holy Martyr) (1) (gp3)

Eternal Tears of Sorrow — Black Tears (gp4)

Dimmu Borgir — Puritania (gp4)

Moonspell — For a Taste of Eternity (gp3)

Malmsteen, Yngwie — Icarus Dream Suite Op.4 (Only Guitar) (gp3)

Nightwish — Walking in the Air (gp4)

Blind Guardian — I'm Alive (1) (gp3)

Bach, Johann Sebastian — Chromatic Fugue (gp3)

Cannibal Corpse — Peverse Suffering (gp4)

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Iron Maiden — Blood Brothers (2)

Iron Maiden — The Apparation

At the Gates — Blinded by Fear

ZZ Top — Jesus Just Left Chicago

X Japan — Silent Jealousy (3)

X Japan — Rose of Pain

X Japan — Phantom of Guilt

Vai, Steve — The Audience Is Listening

Vai, Steve — Eugene's Trick Bag (5)

Nobuo Uematsu — Cornelia's Castle

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Deep Purple — Smoke on the Water (1) (popularity: 1698)

Metallica — Nothing else Matters (Whole Song Single Guitar) (popularity: 1083)

Vai, Steve — Iberian Jewel (popularity: 214)

Chopin, Frederic — Concerto in A Minor (popularity: 155)

Deep Purple — Lazy (popularity: 144)

Metallica — So What (popularity: 144)

Metallica — Blackened (popularity: 127)

Bdee — Disconnected (popularity: 125)

Satriani, Joe — Memories (popularity: 121)

Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society — Crazy or High (popularity: 117)